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mixed use complexes

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of cost control, project scheduling, sub-contractor/contract administration, quality control,
and value engineering. Using the latest computer systems and software, we are capable
of undertaking and completing projects of a mixed variety and still maintain contacts in
the market place to arrive at the most economical cost of each of our projects and
maximize value received on those projects.  Quality control and contract administration
become a large part of today’s contraction environment, TA insures this by providing a
point of contact for each and every project is assigned a project manager who’s purpose
is to monitor and review all elements of the project.

Design, TAD approaches the design of its projects with an unusual respect for
construct ability because of its design-build nature. Designing with sustain ability, green
design, and energy management as major considerations in its approach. Having
designed projects in a wide variety of projects adds an instinctive ability to react to the
demands of changing requirements and conditions of today's projects. Personnel of TAD
have designed projects all over the world and are accustom to under standing various
cultures or needs of people.

Construction management, as practiced by TAD contributes to a cost effective
project delivery system.  The CM approach positions the project in a manner that allows
for the controlled substitution of systems, qualities of materials, manners of construction,
and methods of construction through out the whole construction process.  The flexibility of
the technique provides a continuous monitoring of the project vs. budget to accomplish
the best value to quality relationship.

Approach, TAD will review the project for constructibility  and compliance with the
Owner’s desired budget position.  From this review we make recommendations as to
possible areas for cost savings, potential design refinements, and techniques that will
meet the owner’s budget and keep the character of the proposed design.  With budget
estimate prepared and agreed to, then detailed bidding with sub-contractors will be
undertaken and final contracts negotiated.  Development of the project schedule will
occur at the same time as the budget is prepared, to set a path for all participants to
know what direction and what items or systems may cause delays, so as minimize their
impact. Field operations can proceed earlier with this system, in that a reliance on having
a project totally bought out is not required to start phased activities.  Quality control is an
everyday  activity that must be carried on from the day the project is started, to this end
TA identifies its project manager at outset, so he may co-ordinate the activities
associated with costing, planning and scheduling, and financing.

Experience, TAD  has designed, constructed, and/or completed projects in the fields
of hotels, office buildings, residential sub-divisions, industrial facilities, retail sales,
medical offices, and shopping centers.